Quick tips to make your trips sustainable

Quick tips to make your trips sustainable

On the way to the excursion, quickly get a pretzel from the bakery, take drinks and biscuits from the supermarket. Valuable time was quickly lost and a few kilometers more on the car.


Find suggestions for making your trip sustainable and relaxed

#1 stainless steel boxes and stainless steel bottle

Use stainless steel bottles and stainless steel boxes for catering. Although they are a bit heavier than plastic boxes, they are "unbreakable" and do not absorb any bad smells. For cleaning, especially the stainless steel bottles, you can use Kaiser baking soda powder, which also removes stubborn deposits and bad smells. Simply fill the bottle with soda and hot water, wait, done!


#2 Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax wraps are lighter than the stainless steel boxes. Beeswax wraps are ideal for sandwiches because they don't fall apart and the wraps take up very little space in your backpack after a break.


#3 Excursions in the near vicinity

We often tend to head for well-known excursion destinations and then realize that it took a long time to get there and that there are far too many people there. Therefore, plan trips to the surrounding area, this saves time, fuel and you can enjoy nature (almost) alone.

#4 Minimize the packing list

Pack minimally and take only the essentials. Besides drinks and snacks, functional things that you can use in many situations are best.


#5 Sustainable places to stay

Are you planning an overnight trip? There are wonderful ways to spend the night sustainably. With a little planning, you can secure overnight accommodation in cabins and campsites. For the more adventurous among you, bivouacking is certainly an exciting option for the night.


#6 Pack the garbage bag

Pack a garbage bag in your backpack. So you can collect rubbish along the way and your own rubbish and dispose of it properly later.

🦉With the Eulalia outdoor blanket in your luggage, you have a comfortable and dry place to breathe deeply during your break or you can cuddle up and enjoy the view.

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