This is how you care for your Eulalia outdoor blanket

This is how you care for your Eulalia outdoor blanket

The Eulalia accompanies you on all adventures? Of course it can happen that the ceiling gets a bit of dirt from time to time. To make them ready for the camping bed or couch again, you can easily wash them.

Tips and tricks for caring for your blanket can be found here:

In principle, the blanket should be washed as little as possible - but what has to, that has to!

Thanks to the Teflon EcoElite coating, you can easily wipe off some dirt with a damp cloth or sponge. It is best to use only water or a little mild detergent.

If you have the feeling that an all-round cleaning would be good, then go for it! Teflon Eco Elite is a durable finish that can be washed up to 30 washes without noticeable degradation. So that you can enjoy your blanket for a long time, please note the following points:

For mechanical cleaning of the outdoor blanket, use the 30°C delicate wash or short wash without spinning.

Use a mild detergent so that the fibers of the outdoor blanket are not attacked and the beading effect is not impaired. If you like, you can also use special "down detergents".

After washing, the blanket should be hung in a warm place. Always air dry - never use the dryer.

After the blanket is completely dry, you can stow it in the stuff sack or keep it in the pillowcase for the next adventure.

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