5 reasons why the Eulalia blanket is indispensable in the camper

5 reasons why the Eulalia blanket is indispensable in the camper

Soon it will be that time again, we will bring our camper out of hibernation and start the first adventures of 2022.

Before we start, we pack properly again and put the van into summer mode. We make sure that we only take things with us that we really need, that have a fixed place to stow away and that can be used for as many things as possible.

And here we come to our Eulalia blanket:


5 reasons why the Eulalia blanket is indispensable in the camper

#1 One for all  

Whether in the camper, on the beach or in the hammock, the Eulalia can be used in many ways - a small all-rounder, so to speak! Take them with you on your trips and experience their advantages. We always have her with us and regularly wonder how we "managed" our excursions without Eulalia. Due to the Teflon EcoElite coating, it is water-repellent, so you have a dry surface even on damp ground or can bristle with incoming moisture on evenings on the Atlantic Ocean. And with the chosen coating, the blanket retains its original feel, which makes it wonderful to snuggle up to.

#2 Insensitive & easy to clean

Who does not know it, at the beginning of the trip, juice ends up on the picnic blanket or you put it on the floor and the dirt just doesn't want to go away. That makes the blanket more of an annoying companion than a cozy and practical blanket. This is not a problem with the Eulalia blanket, because the Teflon EcoElite coating makes the blanket water and dirt repellent. Spilled drinks can be easily wiped off and dirt simply shaken off after the picnic.

#3 Light & small pack size

With a weight of just 850g, the blanket is one of the lightest outdoor blankets that the market currently offers. Folded in a perfectly adapted pack sack, the blanket measures 18cm by 35cm. So perfect for the camper and to take the blanket with you in your backpack.

#4 Durable

The Eulalia should be a loyal and long-lived companion to you. We have chosen 100% recycled 30D ripstop polyester for the outer material, as this fabric is scratch and tear resistant. So the Eulalia can also be used as a picnic blanket on stony ground.

#5 Consistent

A particular concern of our label is not only to bring a chic and functional product onto the market, but also not to lose sight of sustainability. All Eulalia products are made from old plastic bottles, some of which are collected from the sea ("sea plastic"). Old plastic bottles are cleaned, shredded, melted down and spun into new polyester threads. This saves energy and uses 59% fewer raw materials. In addition, for every product sold, we donate a seedling to Planted, a non-profit organization that supports reforestation in Germany.

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