Grab your Eulalia and get out into nature - this is how you can spend time with your Eulalia

Grab your Eulalia and get out into nature - this is how you can spend time with your Eulalia

It's finally time, it's outside time! It is one of the most beautiful times, everywhere the flowers are blooming in the most beautiful colors and the days are getting longer and longer. So what are you waiting for...pack the Eulalia and get out into nature!

Make your Eulalia your basic equipment on your excursions, because with it you are always well prepared.

The long-awaited picnic

The best way to catch the first rays of sunshine is with a leisurely picnic. So grab your Eulalia, a little snack and drinks and off to the river, to the park or to the small mountain next door. Use the Eulalia as a picnic blanket - even if the ground is still a little damp, your bum stays dry thanks to the Teflon EcoElite finish. If it gets a little longer, you can also spontaneously snuggle up in the blanket.

Spend the first evenings outdoors

A glass of wine in your hand and the Eulalia thrown around your shoulders, you can spend the first evenings outdoors. Cozy, warm and hands-free with the clip to the cape.

The blanket at the lake or in the swimming pool

The Eulalia is also good as a base in the swimming pool. Drops of water or even spilled drinks can be easily shaken from the blanket. And in fact, from time to time we are also quite happy to have a blanket to snuggle up at the same time.

Always a warm base – even on open air events

Always that cold floor! My mom always told me (I think she still tells me now) not to sit on the cold floor. She's so right! It's just so much more comfortable with a warm pad. Good that Eulalia is always there.
And a very special tip: Take the Eulalia with you to festivals, open air events or events on open-air stages - it's great to have a warming companion 

And now… stop reading. Pack up Eulalia and get out. Have fun!

Don't have your own yet? Then it's about time!

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