The "Eulali" as perfect family blanket

The "Eulali" as perfect family blanket

We are convinced:

The Eulalia is the perfect blanket for families!

Dennis and I are the proud parents of two wonderful children with whom we travel a lot. Our excursions are as colorful as a colorful flower bed. We enjoy walking in the forest or to the adventure playground on the meadow next door. We hike, do mountain bike tours or spend free afternoons on the Danube. We are happy to pack the BMX bikes on the camper and jet to different skate parks. Our Eulalia outdoor blanket is always in our luggage, because as a picnic blanket you can look at the world while lying down or snuggle up when it gets a little fresher. And yes, in the camper everyone has their own Eulalia blanket.

If you like to be out and about with your children just as much, you will love the Eulalia! Here are 6 reasons why the Eulalia should be part of your essential equipment!


#1 One for all

You probably know the problem too. In the course of family life, countless blankets accumulate. With the Eulalia outdoor blanket, also known as the everywhere blanket, you can save on other blankets, because the Eulalia is a true all-rounder in your everyday family life. Even at a young age, the Eulalia can be used as a playmat. As a toddler, you can take it to the playground as a picnic blanket and snuggle up the kids when it gets a little later. The Eulalia is also a perfect family companion in the garden, in the swimming pool, on a hike, in the camper or at the small family festival next door. Our kids love to build camps with the blanket, especially outdoors.

#2 functional and cozy

Functionality does not mean sacrificing comfort. Due to the outer material used in combination with the fluffy filling, the blanket feels soft and invites you to cuddle. The Teflon EcoElite coating makes the blanket water- and dirt repellent without changing the feel.


#3 easy to care for and robust

Spilled drinks and natural materials in the blanket that just don't want to come off are particularly annoying. With the Eulalia outdoor blanket, this problem is a thing of the past, because you can simply let the spilled drink run off the blanket, simply shake off dirt or wipe it off with a damp rag. Even sandy and stony ground cannot harm the Eulalia.


#4 small and light

With a pack size of 18cm by 35cm and a flyweight of 850 grams, the Eulalia outdoor blanket fits in any luggage and can accompany you on your adventures.


#5 sustainable

We believe that new products not only have to look good and be functional, but also sustainable. The Eulalia outdoor blanket manages this quite well with its multifunctionality. In addition, the blanket is made from recycled materials and a tree seedling is donated to Planted for every Eulalia product sold.


#6 Children love the owl Eulalia

Children immediately take the owl to their hearts and always want to have it with them.

Get your new family friend and loyal companion now! 

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