Turn everyday life into a holiday

Turn everyday life into a holiday

Yes, we live where other people go on vacation and if we are completely honest, somehow each of us does. Sometimes we just get too caught up in our daily routine that we forget the beautiful things around us. The recovery from everyday life is usually very close and with little time we can get something from it.

Of course, planned trips and vacations carry us through the year. That's wonderful too. But we should treat ourselves to a little time-out much more often here.

Here are a few food for thought on how we can organize everyday life with small holiday islands:

- Find small "gaps" in the day and use them for one or the other sports unit. Because... the feeling afterwards is so good! And the long days in summer also help us to get up a little earlier.
- Do you have a river or lake nearby? Pack everything and spend the day in nature. It can also be relaxed with a laptop in hand! But don't forget your Eulalia Outdoorblanket!
- Mobile phone, laptop and co. – we sometimes think that we are indispensable and always available. I don't think we have to be. We are also entitled to not being available, not knowing the latest news immediately and not being distracted.

For annual holidays: Italy, France, Spain... the further away the better. Or maybe sometimes not? Incredibly many kilometers on the road, countless times at the gas station and so many hours of our vacation are “lost” on the road.

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