Why it's not always "peace, joy, pancakes" on the road in the camper

Why it's not always "peace, joy, pancakes" on the road in the camper

Those of you who have followed our story know that we like to travel spontaneously with our camper and also like to just stop where we like. This is not a problem in many European countries if you simply leave your camping table and chairs in the car.
We can definitely say from experience that we have mostly done very well with it so far. But of course there are also things and situations where you need a little patience.

#1 parking space search

First of all, our Sunlight is just under 6 meters long and can therefore be parked in any public parking lot. Which is definitely a big advantage!
We often look for parking spaces at parks, swimming pools, lift stations or skate parks. This usually works really well. From time to time we also had the "bad luck" to be in the middle of a GoA party, at the local meeting place for VW tuners or next to busy roads. Unfortunately, the night is less relaxing than hoped.
We also use some parking space apps such as "park4night" or "Campercontact", which helps us searching for parking spaces shortly before arrival. The pitches are mostly well described and some are really nice. Especially in larger cities, however, they are already occupied again in the morning and you have no chance of getting a parking space.

#2 Disposal and supply

And of course, when you are traveling free, at some point the water will run out, the gray water tank is full and the camping toilet also wants to be emptied. With us, as a family of four, this is usually the case after three days. So we start looking for pitches with a supply station. And believe it or not, there are some cities that have designated parking spaces, but no supply station!
In order to get everything fresh, it also happens that we have to accept one or the other detour.

#3 Lower expectations

If you're traveling by van and don't want to find a campground every night, you definitely need to lower your expectations a bit.
You don't arrive at your pitch at the beginning of your holiday, unpack everything and make yourself comfortable for the next 10 days. No, you're somehow always looking for a nice pitch and life takes place outside, but just a little more turbulent than on the campsite.

#4 Disagreements with the GPS

What we have already experienced with our navigation system and what mini-roads we have already seen... I could easily write a book about that!
Many destinations result in many colorful paths and adventurous journeys. This is usually nice, but at the end of the day it can of course also be a real test of patience!

#5 Longing for rest

We love not being dependent on reservations, but spontaneously staying where we like it or just continuing to drive whenever we feel like it. But exactly what we love so much - making spontaneous plans can sometimes be quite exhausting. Somehow you're constantly speculating about where we can go next, where we'll spend the night and forget to do absolutely nothing. Then comes the longing for peace and having arrived.

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