Why mountains are our main design?

Why mountains are our main design?

Perhaps you have already asked yourself why our main motif are the mountains?! We would like to explain that to you!

Our home is and always has been the Bavarian Forest. That's why we have a very special connection to the mountains. No matter when and where you drive "here", you can see our designs in real life.
I think you can definitely say that the design of the products is a small homage to our homeland.
...perhaps also a little reminder - a kind of "kick in the ass", as they like to say in Bavaria, to go out and experience nature live!

No matter what time of year, nature always conjures up the most beautiful pictures in the most beautiful colors. The harmony never falls by the wayside.
Every sunrise and every sunset is somehow magical and unique. The different levels in a mountain panorama make an image incredibly diverse and interesting.
That's why we love our first designs, because each capture a very special mood and you are always reminded of the beauty of nature!

We love the visual representation that is not immediately recognized as such.

And for sure we are open to trying out other designs for our outdoor blankets and presenting them to you :)

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