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What makes our EULALIA blanket special?

True to the motto "one for all" , our goal is to create a blanket that is versatile and yet durable and easy-care is never lost sight of in the creative process.

That makes our blanket special and your favorite equipment for your next adventure:

  • robust: we use 30D ripstop polyester | for the outer cover of the blanket Due to the thicker threads incorporated ("calculation box structure") it is particularly tear-resistant and insensitive
  • easy-care: thanks to a sustainable Teflon coating, the blanket is weatherproof and dirt-repellent | just shake off the rain and dirt | use a wet cloth to clean or put it in the washing machine
  • small & light: the blanket can be stowed compactly in the cover | she is light & has the potential to become your favorite gear for all adventures
  • cozy & fluffy: unpack - shake it up - and the blanket is ready to cuddle
  • take it with you everywhere: the blanket is the ideal companion for a picnic in the forest, at the lake, while camping | use them as bedspreads & on the couch



  • One clip for a Cape:With two clips you can quickly turn your Eulalia blanket into a cape and thus have your hands free for your cup of coffee or a cold beer
  • Corner Loops : the corner loops turn your ceiling into a awning or are used to secure in sand and soft ground



Who is the target group for our blanket?

The Eulalia blanket is an ideal companion for:

  • all adventurers outside and inside, for young or old, small or large, backpackers, campers or package travelers, singles or families
  • Everyone who buys things consciously and prefers few things with many functions and a wide range of uses
  • Everyone who wants to be spontaneous and flexible in their free time
  • Everyone who values sustainable products, because our blankets are made from 100% recycled materials


Who runs Eulalia Blankets?

We are Johanna and Dennis and since we have been going through life together, we have loved to be out and about in our camper. We usually stop where we like and therefore rarely use our camping table. When traveling, we much prefer to spend time on a blanket.
We tried many blankets, but none of them really convinced us. One wasn't cozy enough, the other constantly dirty. And this is exactly where our vision began to grow. We wanted to have a blanket for everything - easy-care, warm and cozy and yet compact in its pack size.
We did a lot of research, carefully inspected and analyzed our favorite jackets from well-known outdoor brands and of course put a lot of passion into the project stuck.

In the end we have beautiful and functional blankets waiting to be adventurous.


Off to new adventures,

Johanna & Dennis




We start with two different types of blankets - the "blue mountains", "pink mountains" and our "Eule Eulalia" are the uncomplicated and easy-care blankets that are "cozy & fluffy “is the soft and cozy blanket


short timeline:

  • Autumn 2020 our idea started to grow within us
  • Winter 2020/21 first ideas about materials and contact to producers
  • Spring 2021 we will receive the first samples
  • July 2021 we are satisfied and dare to found Eulalia Blankets


Founders: Johanna Seidl and Dennis Abertshauser



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